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 With new technologies and digitalisation, the maritime world is standing on the edge of a significant transformation–some refer to it as the fourth industrial revolution moving into the digital world.

 New technologies emerge and with this new requirements for business models, new and upgraded regulation, new competencies and new ways of working and collaborating are needed.

 For many years new technologies have been developed and tested around the world–however implementation is moving forward slowly. The maritime world is global which adds significant complexity to solutions and agreements–it is vital that stakeholders collaborate across boarders and cultures and find common ways forward.

 But where are we headed?

 We have been experienced the series of ENUW conferences as the best practice to support and facilitate introducing e-Navigation which might be a stepstone toward the digital sea. Likely to this, the series of Global Digital@Sea is to bring together different stakeholders from the maritime world and together get inspiration and create proposals and get joint efforts for a future vision and path forward.